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Mississippi State has the mandate to provide its citizens the right to access and inspect free Mississippi public records. With such a large database of records, as well as the different jurisdictions that this data will fall under, retrieving the correct data can be challenging.

Our goal here is to ensure that accurate Mississippi free state records are retrieved in a time-sensitive and efficient manner, thus taking out the intricacies of the process.

Mississippi State Record Laws and Public Accessibility

The Mississippi State Records Act enacted in 1983 by the Mississippi legislature provides that all public records are public property and that any person has the right to inspect or obtain a copy thereof, subject to certain procedures concerning costs, time, place, and method of access.1

Therefore, in the state of Mississippi, anyone from the public does have a right to access and check Mississippi public records; moreover, no reason is required to be provided to access such said records. There are also no restrictions placed in regards to the use of these records.

When agencies and departments have not decided upon a time frame, they will have one business day to respond to any records query; they are allowed, however, to extend this to 14 days. The state doesn’t require requesters to public records to be state residents.

All state apparatus are subject to the Mississippi State Records act with a few records exempted, namely tax records, employment applications, trade secrets, medical records, etc.

Mississippi state records are usually accessed via online and offline methods, with many agencies having the records available in either format. Some may only be accessed using offline methods.

Mississippi Criminal Records (An Overview)

Mississippi public criminal records also known as rap sheets detail an individual’s criminal history in the state and include arrests, warrants, prison records, criminal history, etc. Criminal records in the state of Mississippi will usually include the following:

  • Mugshots
  • Arrest details
  • Warrant information
  • Mugshots etc.

Interested parties may search for Mississippi criminal records through official government channels or third-party websites to determine if someone has a criminal record. Among these are free searches, but they often lack accuracy or are not up-to-date. Paid searches would usually provide more up-to-date data, but may vary from official government channels.

Does Anyone Have Access to Criminal Records in Mississippi?

In line with the Mississippi State Records Act, any citizen of the state of Mississippi may view criminal records – they are in the public domain. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MDPS) is the repository for criminal data in Mississippi.

There are some exemptions of Mississippi public records that are exempt from public view, as in the case of juvenile court records, which are sealed.

How Can I Look Up Someone’s Criminal Records in Mississippi?

Interested persons looking up someone’s criminal record would ideally start off by visiting the The Bureau of Investigation (BOI), the primary repository of criminal records. Criminal records can be found through court records, offender registries, and other government repositories in addition to the BOI.


Interested persons requesting criminal records will mail in their request to the BOI at:

Mississippi Bureau of Investigations
Attention: CIC/Background Checks
3891 Highway 468 West
Pearl, MS 39208

The request requires an Authorization to Release Background Information Form filled and a money order or check enclosed in the amount of $32 fee payable to the BOI.


The courts in Mississippi also do have records of criminal records and may be accessed online through a database known as the Mississippi Electronic Courts System (MEC). The public does have access to this database but there is however a $10 annual registration fee. In addition, requesters would need to pay a $0.20 per page fee to view records. Requesters will need to have some information beforehand such as the name of the records holder, DOB, and address.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) does have a name-based background check which can be used to look up someone’s criminal record. It charges $32 and accepts major credit cards.

Mississippi criminal records search form on MS Department of Public Safety Website.
Source: State of Mississippi, Department of Public Safety7

Find Mississippi Mugshots (County Look Up)

To view mugshots from the various sheriff’s departments, interested persons need to contact or visit the sheriff’s department website and perform an inmate query to locate the mugshot present in the record. Simply search “[County] + Sheriff’s Office” to see if the the local sheriff’s office hosts mugshots.

For example, Jackson County Sheriff’s department has an excellent Inmate Locator feature that allows you to view a mugshot records of an inmate. As well with Jones County Sheriff’s Department.

Can I access a Juvenile’s Criminal History in Mississippi?

If an individual is under the age of 18 and commits a crime in Mississippi, they are considered a juvenile or minor. Juvenile proceedings take place at the Mississippi State Youth Court.

Juvenile records, also known as minors’ criminal records are typically sealed and are private in Mississippi. When juveniles commit felony offenses or when they are referred to an adult court due to the severity of their crimes (for example, murder), then the record would usually be available to the public.

How to Run a Free Mississippi Warrant Search (Outstanding, Active & Bench)

Warrant records are part of Mississippi public records and are therefore available to the public. A warrant is a legal document that permits law enforcement organizations to take actions that would otherwise be construed as an infringement of rights as stated by The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which gives citizens the right to be safe as well as their properties, and that warrants can only be issued if there is probable cause.2

Outstanding warrants

A warrant is outstanding when the subject of the warrant has not yet been taken into custody. Outstanding warrants may be due to individuals intentionally evading arrest or are unaware of a warrant out for their arrest.

Active warrants

Active warrants issued by a judge advise law enforcement to actively and immediately begin searching for the subject of the warrant i.e. the suspect. Active warrants are very much a high priority for law enforcement agencies.

Bench warrants

A bench warrant is issued when individuals fail to appear in court for a scheduled hearing. Typically, this is the defendant.

Most Wanted Database

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety has a Mississippi’s Most Wanted database that can be combed to investigate any outstanding warrants. The site has information such as the suspect’s names, photographs, what they are wanted for, DOB, and the last known address.

Local Sheriff’s Office

Individuals may also contact their local sheriff’s office where they have a warrant for their arrest. Sheriff’s offices may have a warrant division. As an example, the Oktibbeha county sheriff’s department maintains a list of warrants and is updated regularly.

Oktibbeha county sheriff contact information to obtain records of free warrant search in Mississippi.
Source: Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Office8

How to Find Mississippi’s Sex Offenders Near You

It is imperative that community members have information about sex offenders to ensure their well-being. Sex offenders must register with law enforcement agencies when released from prison making their information public. Their whereabouts may be ascertained through:

County Look-Up

Requesters may locate sex offender information from the sheriff’s office in the respective county.  Jackson County’s sheriff’s department, as an example, has an offender watch sex offender search tool. This aids citizens in finding offenders in the local communities in the county.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MDPS) maintains a public sex offender registry in the state. As mandated by Miss. Code Ann. § 45-33-49, law enforcement agencies must release sex offender information to the public.3

The registry captures the last and first names as the search criteria and returns the results. Requesters may also obtain a list of offenders within a radius of an address or zip code. The site allows users to register for community notification.

How to Get a Background on Someone in Mississippi

A Mississippi background check is the process of researching and verifying an individual’s history in the state. Background checks are very important for employers looking to hire certain employees, in particular those in contact with children, disabled, and senior citizens. Homeowners may also carry out background checks on renters for their own safety as well as those of neighbors. Firefighters also need to have their history verified.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ensures data collection companies report accurate data. The FCRA sets guidelines on which employers can obtain data on potential employment candidates and how that information can be utilized. Background checks typically take 2-3 business days to process and may last 2 weeks.

No Ban-the-Box Law

Mississippi has no mandates at the state, county, or state level that ban employees from enquiring from potential candidates regarding their criminal history during job applications and interviews.

Typically, a background check will return the following:

  • Arrests resulting in convictions
  • Sex offender registry listing
  • Ongoing criminal cases in court
  • Misdemeanor and felony convictions
  • Education and employment history etc.

Residents of Mississippi have the option to select three kinds of checks through the MSDH that is: Individual, Childcare, and Healthcare.

Child Care

In Mississippi, potential employees who will work in child care facilities will need to complete a comprehensive Mississippi background check for a criminal history check, sex offender registry check, etc.

This check costs $50 and payments are processed through the portal after selecting the background check. Individuals will need to schedule a fingerprint scan and complete the Fingerprint Application Form. The Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights Form will also need to be filled out and signed. Applicants will also complete the Mississippi Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Form.

Fingerprint cards to be mailed to:

Mississippi State Department of Health
Criminal History Fingerprint Unit
143B LeFleur’s Square
Jackson, Mississippi 39211


A criminal history report request submitted to the MDPS utilizing the background check form will cost $30 but may not cover other jurisdictions.9 This type of check is so individuals can get a copy of their own background check report through the state.

Mississippi State Department of Health individual vital records request for free Mississippi divorce records after death of spouse.
Source: Mississippi State Department of Health9

Health care

The health care check process is similar to the child care background except that the Mississippi Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Form is not required.

The FCRA moderates how far back criminal background checks go; under FCRA there is a usually 7 -year look back period. Typically, arrests that did not result in convictions, bankruptcies, liens, civil lawsuits, and judgments will not appear after this period.

Mississippi – Court Record Information

The Mississippi court system comprises seven types of courts with specific roles in the judicial system. These include:

  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Circuit Court
  • Chancery Court
  • County Court
  • Justice Court
  • Municipal Court

As per the Mississippi Public Records Act, as well as a Statement of Policy Regarding Openness and Availability of Public Records, the Mississippi Judiciary grants rights to all residents’ access to court records.4 An overview of the court hierarchy in Mississippi appears below.

Diagram of court record retrieval process during free marriage records in Mississippi searches requiring appeals submission.
Source: Mississippi College School of Law10

How to Find Mississippi Court Records (Court Docket Search)

Before initiating the process of finding courts, interested individuals need to establish what jurisdiction the type of record would be under and therefore locate the correct custodian of the record. Also, having some information about the case, the name of the parties or the case number would be a great asset to ensure a successful search.


Requesters looking to retrieve records from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals will submit the request to the court clerk in person or by mail:

Street address of the court Clerk’s post office address
450 High Street P.O. Box 249
Jackson, Mississippi 39201 Jackson, Mississippi 39205

Copies of records incur a cost of $0.5 per page, $5 to order from the Minute Book, $3 for a copy of the mandate and a $2 per page fee when copying from bound records.

In addition, the Mississippi State Law Library has a repository of records of decisions, statutes, regulations and rules from both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The library charges users $0.15 per page to make copies. Interested persons may submit requests to:

Mississippi State Law Library
P.O Box 1040
Jackson, Mississippi 39215

The processing time for these requests is 14 days.

Requesters looking to obtain financial and administrative records of the court may contact the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). Requests are completed via mail to:

Department of Finance and Administration- Public Information Officer
501 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

They may also be submitted in person, faxed to (601)359-3402, or emailed to [email protected].


Mississippi court records can also be accessed and viewed online, and they may also be retrieved remotely. Mississippi has a database known as the Mississippi Electronic Court (MEC), which holds records of most Mississippi Courts whose online directory can be found here.

How to Find Past Debt – Look Up Find Mississippi Bankruptcy Records

Bankruptcy in the state of Mississippi is legal proceedings where individuals can terminate past debt. Individuals must file for bankruptcy in accordance with the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.5

Bankruptcy records are maintained by Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) and individuals looking to obtain bankruptcy records will use the PACER case locator tool. Users of PACER register with the site and access bankruptcy information at a cost of $0.1 per page.

Bankruptcy records can also be obtained by calling toll-free +1(866)222-8029 which is the Voice Case Information System (McVCIS). Requesters proceed to select Mississippi as the district being queried.

Overview of Mississippi Jail & Prison Inmate Records

As per the Mississippi Public Records Act, inmate records are available for public scrutiny upon request. The Mississippi Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of inmates and facilities and is a repository for inmate records. Mississippi inmate records will include:

  • Mugshot
  • Details of crime
  • Parole information
  • Release date
  • Physical description etc.

Accessing inmate records is useful for family members or friends looking to locate relatives as well as sending money or visiting inmates.

How to Look Up Jail Records & Recent Arrests in Mississippi

These law enforcement agencies often have lists of arrested individuals on their websites. Interested persons who need to find out if someone is in jail should contact the sheriff’s office or the police department. The requester will need to determine what county the person who has been arrested is in and proceed to do a search. As an example, Hinds County has an Inmate Query search tool located on their site that can be used to find recent arrests.11 The inmate can be located using their full names as well as the city that they may be located within the county.

Hinds County Mississippi inmate search of criminal records in local database.
Source: Hinds County, Mississippi11

Requesters may also obtain jail paperwork by visiting and contacting local law enforcement agencies, especially in cases where there is no search feature or inmate roster on their sites.

How Can I Find a Federal Prisoner in Mississippi?

There are 4 federal prisons located in the state of Mississippi. These are maintained by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The BOP maintains a database of federal prisoners that have been incarcerated or released after 1982 in federal prisons throughout the union. It has a Federal Prison Inmate Locator on its website that is free to use, and the requester searches either user the name or inmate number.

Once an inmate has been successfully located, the next step would then be to use the Federal Prison facility locator and establish where the inmate is being held.

How to Look up State Prisoners in Mississippi?

The  Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) provides an Inmate Locator tool that can be used to retrieve state prisoners at no cost. The search is executed using the name of the offender or MDOC number.

The MDOC does also provide the service via mail for hard copies:

Records Department
P.O. Box 24388
Jackson, Mississippi  39225

There is a $2 per request charge; $0.25 per legal page, and $0.35 per larger page. Money orders and cashier’s checks are accepted, and payable to the MDOC. Processing time is 7 business days.

An individual looking to locate a parolee would use the parole search tool.

Requesting Mississippi Vital Records (Free Mississippi Marriage Records and Divorce Records)

Vital Records are records of life events of persons maintained by government authorities. In the state of Mississippi, they include:

  • Birth records
  • Death records
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records

Can Anyone Get a Copy of Death, Birth, Marriage, or Free Divorce Records in Mississippi?

Miss. Code Ann. § 41-57-2 mandates that only individuals who are party to a vital record such as the record holder or immediate family may have access.6

Mississippi death records or certificates are accessible only to record holders, immediate family members, or legal representatives.

Birth Records: Birth records in Mississippi are only accessible to record holders, immediate family members, or legal representatives.

Marriage Records: Typically, marriage licenses are available for public scrutiny, but marriage certificates are not available to the public; they are only accessible to spouses named in the record, immediate family members, and legal representatives.

Divorce Records: Certified copies of Mississippi divorce records are only unrestricted to those named in the record as the spouses, family members, and legal representatives. Mississippi keeps the majority of its divorce case files public, but documents containing confidential details are sealed. They are only available to third parties with court orders authorizing access.

How to Submit Application & Request Mississippi Vital Records

Vital records in the state of Mississippi are obtained through the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH).  Individuals who are requesting vital records in the state will need typically need to provide the following:

  • A copy of a valid ID
  • A completed and signed relevant applicant form
  • Enclose payment for the fees in either check or money order; cash may be accepted for in-person requests
  • Proof of guardianship or legal representation
  • Location of the record

Death Certificates

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Vital Records Office does not provide a way to search death records online.

The fees for a death certificate are $17.00 a copy. Additional copies requested concurrently, cost $6.00 each. Requests should be mailed to the Mississippi Vital Records Office.

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates in Mississippi can be requested by filing an Application for Certified Mississippi Birth Certificate online. The request can either be mailed or by visiting a records office in person. Mississippi does not have a provision to query birth records online.

The requester must enclose fees billed at $17 per copy and $6 for additional copies, via personal check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to and mailed to the MSDH office.

Mississippi State Department of Records birth certificate form during free vital records submission process.
Source: Mississippi State Department of Health12

Marriage Certificates

The Vital Records Office is the primary contact for individuals looking to find out if someone is married and view a marriage record. To request a marriage record, requesters may visit the records office.

The processing time is 7-10 business days for requested copies of marriage certificates. The Vital Records Office charges $17 for a certified copy and $6 for each additional copy of the same record when ordered concurrently. Money orders are to be made payable to the Mississippi Vital Records.

All vital records can be requested in person at:

Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Vital Records Office
222 Marketridge Drive
Ridgeland, Mississippi  39157

Walk-in service can be done during business hours- 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.

The following address can be used to request all vital records via mail.

Mississippi Vital Records
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, Mississippi 39215

Divorce Certificates

Members of the public can access divorce case records using the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) search tool provided on the website of the State of Mississippi Judiciary.

Divorce certificates can be retrieved from the court where the divorce was granted. Requests for certified copies of a divorce certificate in the state are processed only for the divorced parties on the record or immediate family. Requests should be mailed to the Vital Records Office. Individuals may also order vital records-birth certificates, death certificates, marriage, and death records through VitalChek which is a private company cited on the MSDH site.

To illustrate the divorced population in the state, the image below shows the divorce rates of every Mississippi County based on data from the U.S. The Census Bureau.

An image of Mississippi Counties' map showing the divorce population rates (5-year estimates in 2021) of each County base on the Census Bureau that ranges from 5.70%-18.50%.
Source: Census Bureau

Sifting through Mississippi public records is a tedious task and navigating through the various departments and jurisdictions may prove to be a mountainous challenge. Our search tools provide a streamlined platform to make a Mississippi public record search much easier and more efficient, thus obtaining accurate results.

Furthermore, the third-party search providers do not have the same restrictions and limitations. 


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